Claire Hawtin

ITT Lead

After beginning my teaching career in Somerset I moved to Hertfordshire and have now worked as a class teacher for over fifteen years.  During this time I have been a subject leader in literacy, mathematics and physical education. In addition I have successfully mentored a great number of NQTs, PGCE and ITT students.

In 2003 I became an Advanced Skills teacher with a specialism in teaching and learning.  This role gave me the opportunity to work in a range of schools across the county and experience a wide variety of leadership styles. I am also an accredited facilitator for the Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) and the Improving Teacher Programme (ITP).

Currently I am a member of the school leadership team at Bovingdon Primary Academy and the NQT lead mentor.  I also lead Initial Teacher Training and NQT development and accreditation for the West Herts Teaching Schools Partnership.